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Print Management

With more sensitive documents being sent electronically to photocopiers and printers these days, the demand for secure printing has increased substantially. At DIS, we offer a range of print management systems that will allow you to print sensitive documents on any device and by simply releasing the documents with a code or key card they are extremely easy to use. 

DIS are certified suppliers of PapercutMF. Our team of fully trained experts are on hand to ensure you get the most from the software ensuring your documents are kept safe and secure. 

For a more in-depth look at the printing habits of your work force, Print Audit will do the trick.  This piece of print management software will allow you to make an accurate analysis of your printing enabling you to manage your prints and highlight potential cost savings. 
We can offer top of the range print management solutions including PapercutMF, Print Audit, FollowMe and Find Me Printing which will cater for any print management requirement. For more information call us on 0333 311 9485.  

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