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DIS are proud to announce sponsoring the under 12s football team, Roseacre Rovers!

DATE: Aug 2015

Digital Image Solutions (DIS) Ltd started sponsoring Roseacre Rovers, part of Roseacre Raiders FC to help support a new team created for the kids to enjoy the love of the game.

After taking the role as Assistant Manager for the Rovers, Ashley decided to seek sponsorship for the team and pitched the opportunity to his employers DIS.

“After being approached by Ashley with this opportunity, we could see that as a business we could add value to support grassroots football. We felt it would be a good partnership for us and the team so we decided to help. The boys are hard-working and committed to their game and both are qualities, we feel should be supported” commented DIS Managing Director, Jerome Lawford.

Assistant Manager for Roseacre Rovers, Ashley speaks of the sponsorship “We are really pleased that DIS have agreed to sponsor the team and we know we will continue to do ourselves and DIS proud next season. As a team, we believe in supporting football within the community and are pleased to be a part of grassroots football.”

The young team started out as Roseacre Raiders but after Manager Graham Smith spoke to the club they decided there was an opportunity to have two teams within their age group and so Roseacre Raiders and Roseacre Rovers were formed.


Jo Lawford

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