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League promotion and a cup win for K Sports under 10s football team!

K Sports under 10s win the Consolation Shield knock out competition on Sunday 1ST May against Larkfield FC under 10s and get promoted!

After a nail biting and intense game, the team smashed a 2-0 victory which meant not only did they win their second competition in 6 months but also means the team gain a promotion to group C!

Formed back in May 2021 by manager Scott Willson and coaches Jerome Lawford and Steve Pass the team entered the Maidstone Invicta Primary League in group E. Under the watchful eye of coach Jerome Lawford and assistant George Willson, the under 10s went on to win their first knock out competition last November becoming the Maidstone Invicta Festival Champions. With that success, the team went on to beat off fierce competition from 5 teams competing in the Under 10s Consolation Shield to have a chance at the final on Sunday 1st May at Larkfield FC home ground. The game was filled with excitement and determination but the K Sports under 10s did not lose focus and shot the ball in the back of the net not once but twice for a 2-0 win. Both knock out competitions saw some of the best under 10s teams compete for the title with amazing and skilled football being played by all the teams.

Manager Scott Willson said “I am so proud of the kids; they thoroughly deserve this win. They have been on a new style football journey since the start of the season when we formed the team and they have adapted so well to this. None of this would have been possible without the commitment and help from Jerome and George at training, and Steve on matchdays. A new season now approaches, and we will now work hard on moving to 9 aside, the new rules and strengthen the team to continue the success of this season, it’s exciting times for everyone involved.”

The teams official sponsor Digital Image Solutions have continued to support the team and had this to say after the game on Sunday “We are incredibly proud of this team, they work hard, they have determination and have focus and more importantly they are all in it together. A real show of team spirit, well done to them all!”


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